Around Black Athena (forthcoming)

Notes from 19 February 2016

This is a record of a seminar series held at the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, during the Spring Term of 1990. The seminars were organised by Amelie Kuhrt and John North. The speakers were, in addition to the organisers of the series, Philip Lomas, Tim Cornell, Robert Morkot, Edith Hall, Andrew Sherratt, Chloe Chard, Alex Potts, Sue Frankenstein, and Daniel Pick. Only one of the presentations was formally published (Edith Hall's contribution, which appeared in Arethusa in 1992). The book will also contain an analytical summary of the three volumes of Bernal's 'Black Athena'. Forthcoming, 2018. The publication has been delayed because of two other volumes in progress. The corrected text exists however, so it will arrive sooner rather than later.

[Updated August 5, 2016, and December 10, 2016. May 2017]

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